SCPC Assigned Topics 2017/2018

Landscape Landscape photography shows wide nature scenes with minimal or no inclusion of man-made objects. A landscape photo is made outside the city and shows an open scene where people and constructions made by people are allowed, but are not the subject of the image. For example, a road may provide a leading line or a person or a house may be used to enhance the composition, act as an anchor point, or show scale relative to the vast landscape.

Reflections Many objects reflects light, but for this competition, the reflection needs to be an important element in the composition. The reflection can be a sharp and accurate representation of the subject, a blurry abstract, or anything in between. Mirrors are obviously at the one end of the spectrum, but water is extremely reflective as well (with still water appearing almost mirror-like under the right conditions). Of course, other surfaces reflect well too, although not necessarily with the same intensity and perfection as a mirror or still water. Moving water, wet surfaces, ice, polished metal, glass, and coated plastic can all be used effectively to create reflections.

Arches A key element in the picture must be an arch, which is typically a curved structural spanning an opening and serving as a support for the wall or other structures. For this competition, an arch may also be an object that has a curved shape like an arch. The arch may be the main subject in the picture or a strong supporting element, but it should not be incidental in the picture.

Neon signs The picture must include a neon sign or any form of visual graphics created by neon lights to display information to a particular audience. This neon sign should not be an incidental element in the picture, but be critical to the story that the picture is telling. It could be the main subject in the picture or an important secondary element that complements the main subject.

Titles (movie, song, book) The picture title must be a title of a widely-published movie, song, or book. The picture needs to fit the title. However, the picture may or may not align with the story of the movie, song, or book. Feel free to create an image that represents your own interpretation of the title.

Mobile (cellphone or tablet) The picture must be taken with a phone or a tablet, not with a standard, video, or action camera. Post processing may be done on the mobile device or on a computer. Creative post work is encouraged.

Open black & white This is an open competition with no restriction on the topic. Any subject is accepted. However, the picture must be presented in black and white. A black and white image containing various shades of grey from black to white is considered to be monochrome photo. A black & white work toned entirely in a single color will remain a monochrome work able to stand in the black & white category (e.g., sepia toned). No additional colors will be allowed in the B&W images (e.g., selective coloring).