Brien Szabo's Tips for Nature Photos  in New Jersey
  The following links and hints were provided by Brien Szabo

Picture opportunities in New Jersey
   Sky colors:  Period from two weeks before/after first day of Spring (vernal equinox)
   Sky colors:  Period from two weeks before/after first day of Autumn (autumnal equinox)  
   Use a compass so you know where the sun will rise.
   Use for days with greatest temperature change to be
      there on the second day, check the hourly reports to choose cloudy periods.
   Good light just after passing storms.
   Salamanders  (late March through April)
   Hacklebarney State Park.   in April/May
   Pine Barrens  Tree Frogs on humid days in June   after rain,  evening and dark.
   Sandy Hook   Sept-May
   Whitesbog ....
   Cheesequake State Park,   Exit  120 Garden State Parkway,
   Web Mill

Plants of the Pinelands, Field Guides, Nature Sites

  New Jersey and Greenways, Rail Trails, and guide to hiking,
    biking, and trail riding

Sunrise / Sunset / Moon / Plants / Tides

  50 Hikes in New Jersey

The information on this page was supplied by Brien Szabo in a presentation at the Somerset County Photography Club on March 27, 2007 with additional information supplied later, and on October 16, 2007 at the Plainfield Camera Club.  Visit Brien Szabo's Nature Photography Web Pages at

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