Preparation for Member Night   (Show & Tell)


Show and Tell     (#showandtell)

This is a Fun evening, where you get to present images of what interests you so that other members can get to know you and the story behind your images better.

Pictures for Show & Tell Night (Guidelines specific for November 24, 2015)
  1. Each club member may submit up to ten pictures for the Show & Tell night.  Submission is done via PhotoContest Pro.  If you are a new member and never created an account in PhotoContest Pro, please contact David McRitchie.
  2. This is an opportunity to share a photographic experience that would be of interest to the club.  The pictures don’t need to be competition level, but they should be of high quality and support a story that would interest photographers.  For example, they could show a place or a trip that offers photo opportunities, images from a photography workshop, backyard photography that you played with over the summer, street photography images, a new technique that you are experimenting with, or just creative work that you want to share and talk about.  Pictures that illustrate an idea, tool, or technique are also welcome (e.g., a photo of special equipment, a computer screenshot, a map, or a sign that identifies a place).
  3. This is not a critique session.  Pictures will not be critiqued by the members.
  4. The session will be facilitated by a member, Steve Newfield, to ensure that there’s enough time for all the members who submitted images to participate.
  5. Based on the number of submissions, we’ll allow some time for a brief discussion after each presentation.

show and tell: Up to ten images (formerly 15-20 or higher) show us your stuff and tell us your choices in taking them

Preparation of images     (#preparation)

We began use of a digital projector when we moved to the Bound Brook Memorial Library with our September 2007 ("Show and Tell") meeting, and dropped slides entirely the next year.  Since then ContestPro has been modified at our request so that we and other clubs can do show and tell, and member critique in addition to the running our contests.  Image processing is set up for receiving .JPG images.  Images submitted with a long side greater than 768 pixels will be reduced for projection on a square screen, but you should do this yourself before entering.  You will not be able to submit JPEG images directly from your camera even PhotoContest Pro will not accept large images for reduction.
To submit your entries:  You must be a club member, and your email must be registered.

For non-contests, presentation order of projected images will be by maker, and you can refine the alphabetical order by prefixing the title with a two digit number.  You may bring as many prints as you like and they can be albums, as they can be put on a table and be seen there.  You will get some time to describe what you have.

For contests, all images are presented in random order by the ContestPro software.  This is not a contest.

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