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Somerset County Photography Club
website:  http://somersetcountyphotoclub.org

We meet at the Manville Public Library on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday evenings.  Our meetings start at 7:00 PM because we have to vacate the building before 9 PM.  Best time to arrive is around 6:30 PM before the meeting starts. [Street Map] [Manville area]

2017 - 2018 Program Calendar  (#calendar)

2017 - 2018 Program Calendar - Somerset County Photography Club
2nd & 4th Tues 7:00 PM at the Manville Public Library,
  100 South 10th Ave. (Washington Ave & S 10th Ave), Manville NJ, 08835
website:  http://somersetcountyphotoclub.org/index.htm
Contact:  Sudhir Mehta, 908-421-4271, sudhirm421 @ gmail . com

12 :  Presentation: “Black and White Photography – Creative Seeing and Handling” by club member, Arik Gorban.
26:  Member Critique.  

10:  Presentation:  “Finding your Creative Voice”, by Rich Lewis.   
24:  Competitions: “Reflections” and “Open”, Judge:  Claire Gentile

14:  Presentations:  “Schmooze and Learn”, coordinator: Phil Witt.   
       Phil Witt – “Using Luminosity Masks[links]
       Jack Moskowitz – “Replacing Skies[links]
       Arik Gorban – “On1 Photo RAW - Intro to plug-in and standalone[links]
28:  Competitions:  “Arches and “Open”, Judge:  Phil Witt

12:  Presentation:  “Winning”, by Joel Morgovsky.   
26:  No Meeting - Happy Holidays!

09:  Presentation:  “Architectural and Spiral Staircases”, by Claire Gentile
23:  Competitions:  “Neon Signs” and “Open”, Judge: Wayne Kliewer

13:  Presentation:  “Rendering for Impact”, by Jim Christensen
27:  Competitions:  “Titles (movie, songs etc)” and “Open”, Judge: Dave Mills

MARCH, 2018
13:  Member Critique.  
27:  Presentation:  “Urbex Photography - Exploring and Photograping the Beauty of the Forgotten and Abandoned” by Kimberlee Zier [poster] [Urbex]

APRIL, 2018
10:  Competitions: “Mobile Photography” (smart phone, tablets) and “Open”, Judge: Nick Pamieri
24:  Presentation:  “Before and After” by club members, details to be announced later.

MAY, 2018
08:  Competitions:  Open Prints”, “Black & White (digital open)” and “Landscape digital”, Judge:  Marie Kane
22:  Presentations:  “Schmooze and Learn”, coordinator: Phil Witt.   

JUNE, 2018
12:  Scavenger Hunt contest [Rules], Judge:  Arik Gorban
xx:  Club Picnic - details to be announced
26:  Planning Meeting, 2018-2019 all members welcome

To be scheduled on a weekend during the year: Scavenger Hunt -- all members plan to attend, topics, details, and assignment to a contest group will be announced at site.

About the Club  (#aboutclub)

We meet at the Manville Public Library  and our meetings start at 7:00PM on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday evenings.  Please come earlier for informal discussions, but we must start at 7:00PM because we have to vacate the building by 9PM.  So that we can start on time please try to arrive around 6:30PM to socialize before meeting. [Street Map] [Manville area]

Most of our competitions are projected digital image contests, with three digital images per maker per contest submitted up to and including the day before our meeting.  We will have one print competition on May 8, 2018.

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About Us  (#aboutus)

The Somerset County Photography Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the appreciation and enjoyment of photography.  Competitions and critiques include projected digital images, as well as prints.  Presentations include instructional meetings, travelogues and other shows by club and out-side speakers.  Annual dues are $35 ($40 family).

Our club is affiliated with the New Jersey Federation of Camera Clubs (NJFCC), which maintains a list of member clubs in New Jersey and a few clubs close to NJ in Staten Island and PA.

Most of our membership is in Somerset and Hunterdon Counties and nearby areas of Middlesex County.

Meetings  (#meetings)

The club meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month, September through June, at the Manville Public Library in Manville, NJ.  -- Guests and visitors are welcome:
Presentations and Competitions are open to the public, only members may submit prints or projected images for competition.  Guests are encouraged to come in at least 15 minutes before 7:00 P.M. to discuss photography with members – bringing in some of your pictures adds interest. 

Meetings begin promptly at 7:00 P.M. -- (Digital projected media must be submitted online on or before the day prior to the competition.  We must leave by 9:00 PM.

Not getting your club email:  Try emailing yourself to see if it gets through, maybe your mailbox is full, maybe you changed your ISP, maybe you gave us your old email address (or meant .net instead of .com).  If you change your email, or other contact information don't forget to tell us.

Officers & Board of Directors  (#officers)

  President:Sudhir Mehta
  Vice President:Steve Newfield  (Judges)
  Treasurer:George Hall   (also NJFCC Delegate)
  Board positions: Officers (above) and
Past Presidents:  Arik Gorban, David McRitchie
Members at large:  Becky Witt, Claire Gentile, Fred Dewitt
  Chairpersons:Presentations: Phil Witt

SCPC -- 2017-2018 Overview  (#overview)

Competition nights:  During the 2017-2018 club year:
There will be Eight competition nights which will each have an Assigned Topic for digital project images and an Open competition for digital projected images or for prints.  The year end will have all images with awards from digital competitions from those eight nights.

Preparation of digital images for contests.  Images will be projected at 768 pixels on the long side as described at http://somersetcountyphotoclub.org/contests.htm, and it would be best to do your own resizing even though the software will do some limited resizing.  Directions on that web page tell you how to resize and submit your digital images for projection.

Deadline for projected images:  Try to at least aim for the Sunday before the contest, images will be accepted the day before the contest but not later.  The limit is three images per contest.  Show and Tell and critiques will allow additional images. 

Your email address must have been entered into the contest server by an administrator for your images to be accepted on the server.  If you have never submitted digital images before, be sure to submit them well ahead of time to be sure that you have been set up properly.  (see our contests page)

Prints:  and separate print competitions (4 prints total per contest per maker), Prints must be 8"x10" up to 16"x20", digital prints are eligible. 

Judge(s) may be an outside judge or a club member, and will be announced before each competition. 

To print the Program make a selection using left+drag, Ctrl+drag, Ctrl+shift.  Mozilla browsers allow non-contiguous selection areas.  Then click on this (bookmarklet) link → view selection

Contact Information  (#contact)

Somerset County Photography Club
c/o Sudhir Mehta, President
177 Victoria Drive
Bridgewater, NJ 08807

website:  http://somersetcountyphotoclub.org/index.htm

Phone:  (908) 421-4271 email: send email to Sudhir

For webpage and contest entry related matters contact David McRitchie, Phone:  732-595-8098, send email to David

The email link above will only work if JavaScript is turned on.  You have JavaScript turned off, which will affect mailto:, and any bookmarklets you may attempt to use.

With JavaScript off, type this address into your email --> (electronic mail, address must be typed not copied into email)

Not getting your club email:  Try emailing yourself to see if it gets through, maybe your mailbox is full, maybe you changed your ISP, maybe you gave us your old email address (or meant .net instead of .com).  If you change your email, or other contact information don't forget to tell us.

Library closings due to Weather or other Causes  (#weather)

The Manville Public Library may close due to weather conditions.  Such decisions are usually made before 3 PM, compatible with businesses in the area.  Although the library will try to notify a member of the club this may not always be successful.  If in doubt call the main number at the library, if the library is closing early the recorded announcement would be changed.  Librarians indicated a better place to check in morning would be the banner at the top of the BBML page and is what they use to know whether to come in or not in the morning.

Directions to Our Meeting Place at the ...  (#directions)

Manville Public Library
100 South 10th Ave.(corner of Washington Ave and S 10th Ave)
Manville NJ, 08835
(908) 722-9722

[Street Map] [Manville area]     Maps are dragable:  Click and hold on an open area of map and drag to change the centering, use mouse wheel to zoom in or out.

From the North on Route 287: (Exit #17, Somervile, Route 206)
US 206 South, then Dukes Pkwy E and N 13th Ave, to S 10th Ave
Parking is in the library Parking Lot.

The meeting room is straight in from the entrance past the library area the meeting room is on the right.

Restrooms are

Your local library generally has library sponsored programs of interest, our club meets at the Manville Library and they have programs which may be of interest Library Programs for Adults | Manville Borough, NJ - Official Website

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Contact Information  (#cntct2)

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