Viewing Tips

Viewing our Main page

Our site has been changed to include menus at the top, and pages have been reorganized.  There are no side bars on any of our pages to interfere with sizing your windows, or using mobile devices. 

  The Menu icon is used to indicate Menu is available.  It has been included at the left of the menu bar, and at the bottom of the first and last menu buttons on our main page.  It is a bookmarklet to toggle page style on and off providing a site map with no additional coding.  Clicking on it reveals that our menus are actually an unordered list, normally.  To restore normal view, use Reset/Reload (F5), or simply reload the page.  What this provides you with is a method to view all menu items in an organized list, better than you would get on sites that have sidebars, because you have indentations to show hierarchy with as many indentations as are needed.  Symbols similar to “▤”(▤) or to “≡” (≡) are used on mobile devices and Google Chrome to indicate a Menu.  My choice was to look similar to such menus, but different in design and color to the ones actually used by an app;

►   is used as a drop-down indicator at the right of some menu items as drop-down marker indicating it has additional sub-entries, those header entries will not contain a link on pages that I write, as that would be confusing.  The “►” ► is resized and used because it is on more browsers and fonts than “▸” (▸).

⊕   is used to indicate that the menu item is a button.  Only used on the primary row, not used on the vertial sub-menus. Any menu lacking the drop-down indicator would also be a button.

» on the left-size of a menu item indicates it on the same page as the menu item above it.  This avoids additional navigation needed to reveal sub-menus.  You will see this used on the Links pages, where many of those are on main Links page.  The “»” (») is officially referred to as a Right-Pointing Double Angle Quotation Mark and formerly (deprecated use) as a Right Pointing Guillemet.

Small Screens Usage on Main Page

  1. (fixed) When menu at top wraps to next line, on small screens, the wrapped menus block use of sub-menus of menus above disallowing making a choice. Workaround before fixed: toggle to Site Map, described at top. 
  2. Some browsers will not display entries below a menu vertically, but continue to display horizontally.
    No switch to Vertical menu on Android browsers: Dolphin, and Chrome (okay on: Firefox, Boat, Internet, Opera).
    No chance to make choice within menu: Android Browsers: Firefox
    Workaround for the above: switch to Site Map view, using Menu symbol to the left of Menus.
  3. (fixed by using a resized &#9658 instead) The drop-down indicator, “▸” (▸), currently not visible in font/browser:
    Android: Dolphin, Chrome, Boat, Firefox (blob), Internet, Opera
    Windows: (ok in Firefox, Chrome, IE 11)
    Apple: (unknown)
    iPhone: (unknown)


  May cause some problems, specifically the ▸ (▸) used to denote submenu items below.

↴ (↴),    ⇄ (⇄),    ⋆ (⋆),    ▸ (▸),    ⛬ (⛬),    ⨁ (⨁),    ⬆ (⬆),    ⬎ (⬎),    ▤ (▤),    ▴ (▴),    ► (►),    ★ (&starf),    → (&#rarr;)

Viewing a Selection

You can make a selection and print the selection when you print.

An interesting alternative: To print the Program make a selection using left+drag, Ctrl+drag, Ctrl+shift   In Firefox, the selection area does not need to be contiguous. Then use a bookmarklet such as → view selection  Such elections are not available to bookmarklets on Android touch screens, should be no problem on desktop computers.

    Information such as on the rest of this page was removed from our main page.

Watch That Page  (#watchthatpage)

If you want to know when the content on this page or other pages of interest change you can set up a free account at Watch That Page and you can choose the frequency that you want Watch That Page to check for updates such as daily or weekly, and the url and changed text will appear in an email to you if any of the pages you are watching get changed.  For instance if you wanted to keep tabs on this page, the links page, and the NJFCC newsletter you might create two folders and place the urls within those folders.  For example:

NJFCC (folder)     [updated]     [updated]

Somerset County Photography Club (folder)

When you review your list at the "Pages" tab at Watch That Page, the "http://" prefix will not be shown, and the webpage title will appear on the right side.  When you receive email of changed pages you are also provided links for reviewing/changing your profile, and watched pages.

Viewing Requirements of some webpages linked from here (#viewing)

The following must be allowed in hosts file.  The “#” at the beginning in the hosts file will comment out entire line.
# #to view pictures on

Our pages at are ad free so even users not using Firefox and the AdBlock Plus (ABP) extension will not be bothered by ads, cookies, supercookies, and web beacons on our site.

Firefox users while viewing Galleries may want to use "Ctrl+/" to toggle off the add-ons bar (status bar) and toggle back on afterwards.  You can then use 500 for the image size.  To see image larger though not all of it you can still zoom the image with "Ctrl++", "Ctrl+-" or restore normal with "Ctrl+0" but must do it from the location bar (address bar).

Viewing Suggestions for PDF format files  (#pdf)

Quick link to program area of this page: Program Calendar Listing (no longer maintaining a separate PDF page that gets out of date)

PDF and/or printed copies of our program are not currently available. The last printed version was **2010-2011 Program in PDF formatAcrobat (Service Mark) Portable Document Format.  Such copies were never corrected during the year and their creation has been discontinued. 

The following directions may be useful in viewing PDF formatted files such as from the New Jersey Federation of Camera Clubs, "Cable Release", monthly newsletters.

Best viewing of PDF files is directly through the Adobe Acrobat Reader,  use "Ctrl+L" to toggle to/from full screen viewing, use "Ctrl+2" for full width, "Esc" will return to normal view.  Suggest setting options on View menu to Single Page, and fit width ("Ctrl+2"). To toggle (navigation) thumbnail images at left use "F4" (View>Zoom>Reflow).  To toggle the toolbar off/on during a session use "F8" or "Ctrl+H" for Read Mode. Use "F9" to toggle menu bar. 

For more PDF keyboard shortcuts see Accessibility Features in your Adobe Help ("F1").

Restore missing underscored letters in menus (turned off by default in Windows 7 and later).  Windows 10 will available as a free update July 31, 2015 for most Window 7 and 8 systems. (item #9 approximately)

For those that prefer to use browser plug-ins to view PDFs:  Use "F11" for full screen viewing,  use "F11" once more to return to normal view within your browser.

Updated date is once more the timestamp the file was changed.  Having matching timestamps is easier to work with and keeps things in perspective.