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Google search:  photographing jewelry
Amy O'Connell Demos
Lapidary Art: Basic Jewelry Photography
Homemade Light Tent «, by Larry Berman
Imaging Jewelry- Scanning or Slides? by Peter Rowe (the obvious answer is to use a camera)
Jewelry Making - Basic lighting options for jewelry and small object photography «,   [The Ganoksin Project]
Lighting Jewelry «, Dale Austin, Controlling the reflections that occur with any highly polished object.
Jewelry photography tips - how to photograph jewelry
some simple techniques used by the professional, which even amateur photographers can use to obtain dramatic results with minimal effort.
Tips for Photographing Jewelry, Rena Klingenberg
How to Use Scanners for Photographing Jewelry
I tried it with a keychain ring with flat brass ornament and found the camera did a lot better, but the main problem was probably that it wasn't flat.  Might
A Web Photo School Lesson «
Photographing Rings the Easy Way
A Different View On Jewelry Photography
Photography of small objects (links)
Basically a a lot links within a narrative, there are a lot of suggestions for special small problems."
shutterbug: How To Float Those Rings and Things
Collecting Timepieces, watch mechanisms photo gallery, method used at at bottom of page.
Pictures of pocket watches,This is Valima by Alain Monney, techniques not mentioned
There are a lot more links, but another closely related area for catalog work would be photographing glassware, and you might try Googling that as well.

For photographing small mechanisms like the inside of a watch or a coin I remember an article in the 50's using one flash a pane of glass at 45 degrees so flash hits glass and illuminates the object and camera photographs through the glass.  Near shadowless. It is possible there was a hole in the glass for the camera to shoot through, but I don't think so.

Off topic:

off topic:  Two recent additions to maps on the internet, both are on my search.htm web page on another site.
Hop Stop -- (New York City only), enter two addresses
i.e.  Port Authority -- 1290 Avenue of the Americas
indicate walking, subways, cross town buses, departure time, tells you where to turn or hop onto transit showing time intervals.  The above was 18 minutes whether walking, or taking mass transit
Google Maps
very nice but is not practical on dial-up access, but on high speed access it is terrific.  (does not work on Mac systems)
Firefox as a web browser,
if you are on dial-up it will save a lot of time not downloading ads.  I have a page on setting up Firefox.

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