Links believed to be of interest in working on photographs with Adobe PhotoShop.  Since I don't have PhotoShop this will be very sketchy.

PhotoShop Links -- Somerset County Photography Club

Tutorials and Techniques (#tutorials)

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PhotoShop Filters   (#filters)

Many other, if not most, Photo editing software applications support use of Adobe PhotoShop Filters.  So you can probably use filters you may find elsewhere in your photo editor whether it is PhotoShop or not.
Here is a list of photo editors compatible with Harry's Filters (Harald Heim), which can be downloaded from snapfiles, also see Harald's Plugin Galaxy.
The Plugin Site - Resources,
Free Filters and Plugins for Windows and Macintosh, Download free plugins and filters for Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Photo-Paint, and other plugin-compatible image editing software. Plug-ins and filters can be used to create special effects, simplify complex tasks, and increase productivity in your graphics software.

Special Effects   (#effects)

Many of the Special Effects listed in our SCPC links page were probably done with PhotoShop, you can check them out there.

TruView Software (commercial software)   (#truview)

One of the filters used in a presentation by Tom Iklan was TruView by Photo Flair (about $50) PhotoFlair description: Digital photo enhancement software featuring NASA's and TruView Imaging Co's patented Retinex image enhancement algorithm. Retinex automatic image enhancement is particularly good at correcting underexposed dark areas of an image without affecting correctly exposed areas. [US $49.95, OS: Mac OS 10.1 or later]

Black and White Conversion (#bw)

Experts (#experts)

Additions or Plug-ins (#extensions)

These are simply link pages found on some websites.  Except for very extraordinary work, few people would actually want to be known solely for their link pages to other sites.  The categorized links elsewhere on this page such as Tutorials would be a better place to start.

Keyboard Shortcuts (#shortcuts)

High Path Sharpen   (#sharpen)

additional techniques (friend of Tom Icklan's), Technique lighten highlights with gray mask, Restore from background with black mask, Create shadow with black mask

Link SCPC Pages   (#linkpages)

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