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Somerset County Photography Club


Major Change for 2007-2008

We have changed our meeting location to the Bound Brook Memorial Library as of September and have returned to our 2nd & 4th Tuesdays evenings.  We will be starting our meetings at 7:30PM because we have to vacate the building by 9PM.  [Street Map] [Bound Brook area]

We are now able to project digital images for competitions and presentations.  Members will still able to submit prints and/or slides for competitions as follows:  Digital images and slides will be competing in the same contests together, so will be described as "projected images" so that 4 projected images applies to the total projected images per maker per contest.  Prints will compete separately with a limit of 4 prints per maker per contest.

Because of more emphasis on digital medial, we will have two presentations on camera handling and one presentation on image processing by experienced club members, guests welcome.

The change in meeting location is due to conversion of one of the other meeting rooms to office space at the Somerset County Library.  We had been one of the original clubs meeting there, the other club was Somerset Naturalists which meets once a month and will be able to continue meeting there.  We are looking forward to our new meeting location.

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Program for 2007 - 2008  (#planning)

About the Club  (#aboutclub)

/// We have a new meeting location at the Bound Brook Memorial Library ///

Meeting location has changed to the Bound Brook Memorial Library  and our meetings will now start at 7:30PM be on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday evenings.  Please come earlier for informal discussions, but we must start at 7:30PM because we have to vacate the building by 9PM.  [Street Map] [Bound Brook area]

No program changes are currently anticipated, but this HTML document will be more up to date than our flyer, and will include names of judges as they become know.

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About Us  (#aboutus)

The Somerset County Photography Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the appreciation and enjoyment of photography.  Our programs include slide and print competitions (Advanced and Beginner classes) by a judge,  instructional and travelogue shows by outside presenters,  and special programs.  Prints should be at least 8"x10" up through 16"x20".   On occasion,  the club also exhibits its work in local libraries and other venues.  

Annuals dues are $30 payable to Somerset County Photography Club see our Treasurer George Hall. 

Our club is affiliated with the New Jersey Federation of Camera Clubs (NJFCC), which maintains a list of member clubs in New Jersey and a few clubs close to NJ in Staten Island and PA.

Most of our membership is in Somerset and Hunterdon Counties and nearby areas of Middlesex County.

Meetings  (#meetings)

The club meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month,  September through June,  at the Bound Brook Memorial Library in Bound Brook, NJ.    Guests and visitors are welcome:
Presentations and Competitions are open to the public, only members may submit prints or projected images for competition.  Guests are encouraged to come in around 7:00 P.M. to discuss photography with members – bringing in some of your pictures adds interest. 

Meetings begin promptly at 7:30 P.M.   (Digital projected media must be submitted online on or before the Sunday prior to the competition, those without internet access and 35mm slides may bring their entries for immediate submission.  35mm slides with separate index cards for each slide (title and author) would help speed up arranging 35mm slides). We must leave by 9:00 PM.

Not getting your club email:  Try emailing yourself to see if it gets through, maybe your mailbox is full, maybe you changed your ISP, maybe you gave us your old email address (or meant .net instead of .com).  If you change your email, or other contact information don't forget to tell us.

Members using Patmedia frequently are blocked by Patmedia with any use of geocities in an email, our club site is hosted at geocities.

Officers  (#officers)

  President:David McRitchie
  First Vice President:Muriel Rothstein     (Presentations)
  Second Vice President:John Considine      (Judges)
  Treasurer:George Hall   (also NJFCC Delegate)

SCPC -- 2007-2008 Overview  (#overview)

First meeting of the 2007-2008 year:  (Show & Tell)
  Tue Sept 11 Open House: Bring samples of your Summer vacation images or anything you want to display.  This is not a competition so you can bring in 8 to 20 images for projection of pictures plus additional prints which can be in albums. 

The first meeting Tue Sept 11th, 2007 will be .  Bring your Summer vacation images or anything you want to have shown.

At the September 11 meeting returning members, guests, and visitors are welcome to participate in a "show and tell" of what they've been doing.  About 8-18 projected images (digital / 35mm slides) from each person should be fine.  Tables will be set up to help with display of prints, which can be any number, and can be in albums.

Additional information will be emailed later but I think the maximum dimension would be 768 pixels, and suggest emailing them to me before the meeting.

Preparation of digital images for Show and Tell.  http://www.geocities.com/showandtell.htm

During the 2007-2008 club year:
There will be three Open competitions,  and  four nights with two assigned topic competitions.

Preparation of digital images for contests.  http://www.geocities.com/contests.htm

Competition nights: 

Projected images:  Will consist of combined slide and digital images entries (4 images total per contest per maker).  Digital images must be submitted online on the Sunday before the contest to make sure they are included. 

Prints:  and separate print competitions (4 prints total per contest per maker), Prints must be 8"x10" up to 16"x20", digital prints are eligible. 

Judge(s) may be an outside judge or a club member, and will be announced before each competition.  TBA competition topics will be from a random drawing 2 months before contest.


2007 - 2008 Program Calendar  (#calendar)

2007 - 2008 Program Calendar — Somerset County Photography Club
2nd & 4th Tues 7:30 PM at the Bound Brook Memorial Library

September, 2007
11: Show and Tell:  Members should bring 8-12 samples of their recent work
25: Presentation: "Camera Handling & Operation - Part I", Ed Barry   [Press Release]

October, 2007

09: Competitions:  Open, Judge:  Ben Venezio
Digital image submission requires pre-registration, please check early (now would be good)
that you can login.  Digital submissions must be submitted days before competitions to be included. 
Slides and Prints are submitted at the meeting as in previous years.
23: Presentation: "The Digital Advantage", Arik Gorban   [Press Release]

November, 2007
13: Competitions (club judge - George Hall):  Americana / Reflections
27: Presentation: "Camera Handling & Operation - Part II", Ed Barry   [Press Release]

December, 2007
11: Competitions: Open, Judge:  Chuck Moore
25: (Holidays, No meeting)

Patmedia.com frequently blocks club email for extended periods of time.  The latest incidents in Dec 2007 involve anything that resembles a geocities.com url.

Adding an email address to your "trusted" email at patmedia.net where you can get your email might bypass the overly agressive email filters, but would suggest only adding names as needed.

January, 2008
08: Competitions (club judge): Three shots competition, and an OPEN competition
22: Presentation: "Close-up Photography",  Bill Rupple   [Press Release]

February, 2008

13: (Wednesday) Members Critique (no judges), suggestions for improving your images, composition and their presentation.  Library closes at 5PM on Lincoln's birthday so meeting will be on Feb 13 instead of the 12th.  (Please update your printed program).
26: Presentation: "It's All in the Details",  Alan Leckner   [Press Release]

March, 2008
11: Competitions (club judge): Industrial / Open, Judge: Chuck Moore
25: Presentation: "Landscapes & Gardens",  Nancy Ori  [Press Release]

April, 2008
08: Competitions: Black & White / Open,  Judge:  Roman Kurywczak
22: Presentation: "Achieving Simplicity", Joseph Thomas

May, 2008
13: Competitions:  Flowers / Open,  Judge:  Doug Slobodien
27: Member Critique Night (no judges)

June, 2008
10: Year-end competitions for projected images, and for prints  Judges:  Joe Thomas, and Howard Knauer
24: Planning Meeting for the 2007-2008 Season; all members welcome

Club Members as Presenters:

Ed Barry, began teaching photography courses locally in 1976, workshops in 1989, and is a past president of SCPC (1982-1985), will give a two part presentation entitled “Camera Handling & Operation”.

Arik Gorban has been judging competitions and giving presentations throughout NJ for clubs with the New Jersey Federation of Camera Clubs, is very active in photopoints.com, is a past president of SCPC, and will be giving the “The Digital Advantage” presentation

Other Speakers and Judges: Many of our speakers have web sites, click on the links in the program and on our links page.

If a presenter or judge has their own photography website please use contact email so it can be added to our site somewhere on links page.

Guidelines  (#guidelines)

Open Competition:  Pictorial no restrictions.

Nature Competition (unless drawn for random topic TBA, there is no Nature competition this year) must not show the hand of man, no man made trails, roads, structures, power lines, cultivated plants.  No people, no domesticated animals.,.

Assigned Topic Competition:  subject must fit the assigned topic, please don't make the club or the judge disqualify your entries.

Entered as Critique only (not for points):  some members prefer to have their work critiqued only without assignment of points, so for each contest there will be an alternative critique only topic.  Essentially dropped for lack of use, can be easily reactivated upon member request, but including it had been confusing new members.

Member Nights:  Even less formal than our other informal meetings, as always members, guests, and walk-ins welcome.  No restrictions on print sizes, can be shown in albums.  We will try to have an extra table or two.  To make viewing easier by members.

Americana — Assigned topic

The photo must contain one or more items of interest or activities that indicate to the viewer that the object or scene is American and does not show anything to suggest otherwise. This may include, but is not limited to, flags, famous buildings (e.g. Empire State Bldg., World Trade Center, etc), typical American icons (e.g. Statue of Liberty, Lincoln Memorial, Mt. Rushmore, etc, ) Mickey Mouse, American Indians in native dress, San Francisco cable cars, Golden Gate Bridge, American baseball, etc. Such items or activities need not be the center of interest but should be sufficiently prominent as to be immediately recognizable as American.  [1] [2]

Projected image total per contest topic per maker limit is four, and prints total per contest topic per maker is also four.  In order to separate critique only images they will be entered as if they are a separate "contest" for their topic, because that is how they would be treated so as not to confuse the judge, and certainly that is how it must be done for software.

Assigned topic:  Reflections

Assigned topic:  Three Shots, each set of three images will be judged together as one entry.  Each photographer may submit four sets of "Three Shots" in the projected contest and four sets of "Three Shots" in the print contest.  Critique only are entered as if in contests of their own but the overall limitation on four projected images plus four print images applies.

Assigned topic:  Industrial, as opposed to farms, urban, nature

Assigned topic:  Black & White, conveniently scheduled after Arik's Creative Images presentation.  Black and White.

Assigned topic:  Second Topic TBA, topic will be randomly chosen two months before the competition.

Year End Competition:  Entries that placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, HM, and with 8 points and above are all eligible for year end competition.

Contact Information  (#contact)

Somerset County Photography Club
c/o David McRitchie
410 West Maple Avenue
Bound Brook,  NJ 08805-1209

website:  http://www.geocities.com/somersetcountyphotoclub

Phone:  (732) 469-8481 email: send email

Not getting your club email:  Try emailing yourself to see if it gets through, maybe your mailbox is full, maybe you changed your ISP, maybe you gave us your old email address (or meant .net instead of .com).  If you change your email, or other contact information don't forget to tell us.

Library closings due to Weather or other Causes  (#weather)

The Bound Brook Memorial Library may close due to weather conditions.   Such decisions are usually made before 3 PM, compatible with businesses in the area.   Although the library will try to notify a member of the club this may not always be successful.   If in doubt call the main number at the library, if the library is closing early the recorded announcement would be changed.

Directions to Our Meeting Place at the ...  (#directions)

Bound Brook Memorial Library
402 E. High St (corner of E. High and Hamilton)
Bound Brook,  NJ 08805
(732) 356-0043

[Street Map] [Area Map]     Maps are dragable:  Click and hold on an open area of map and drag to change the centering, use mouse wheel to zoom in or out.

From the North on Route 287: (Exit #13, Bound Brook)
Left turn at end of ramp onto Union Avenue (Route 28
The fifth light is Mountain Ave, continue past.
Turn right onto East Street at the very next light.
Take the second right onto High Street.  Library is on left-side
Parking is in the street.

From the South on Route 287 (Exit #13B, Bound Brook)
Enter Union Ave (Route 28) heading East
The fourth light is Mountain Ave, continue past.
Turn right onto East Street at the very next light.
Take the second right onto High Street.  Library is on left-side
Parking is in the street.

From the East on Route 22 West
Take the exit for "Bound Brook, U.S. Veterans Hospital, Mountain Avenue",
Turn right toward Bound Brook at end of ramp.
You will be on Mountain Ave heading South.
Continue past the traffic light at Union Ave (Route 28).
Pass Somerset Street on the left.
Turn left onto High Street.
The library is on the next full intersection.
Parking is in the street.

From the West on Route 22 East
Take the exit for Bound Brook you will be on
You will be on Mountain Ave.
Continue past the traffic light at Union Ave (Route 28).
Pass Somerset Street on the left.
Turn left onto High Street.
The library is on the next full intersection.  Parking is in the street.

The meeting room is at the top of the stairways to left of the check-out counter.

Small restroom facility is immediately to the left of the check-out counter.  

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Viewing Suggestions for PDF format files  (#pdf)

We also have our club 2007-2008 Program in PDF formatAcrobat (Service Mark) Portable Document Format.  The PDF file matches our printed brouchure and will not be updated during the year.  For updates please refer to program on this page and your email.

The following directions may be useful in viewing the file online, as well as other PDF format file such as from the New Jersey Federation of Camera Clubs, "Cable Release", newsletters.

Best viewing of PDF files is directly through the Adobe Acrobat Reader,  use Ctrl+L to toggle to/from full screen viewing, use Ctrl+2 for full width, Esc will return to normal view.  Suggest setting options on View menu to Single Page, and fit width (Ctrl+2).

For those that prefer to use browser plug-ins:  Use F11 for full screen viewing,  use F11 once more to return to normal view within your browser.

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